Sono Waves Mobile Imaging               

Professional and Reliable Ultrasound Services 
including State of the Art 3D/4D Suite                                      

                        Preparing for your visit 

In order to achieve beautiful photos of your baby it is important that you hydrate one to two weeks prior to your appointment. This will make a huge difference in having high quality images of your baby or low quality. We can not guarantee that everyone will receive the "picture perfect images". This is due to the baby's size, position, amniotic fluid levels and placenta location.  All services are non-refundable. 

Just a Peek 2D (8 weeks and 14) or 

Gender Determination after 14 weeks to 18 weeks

Now $40.00 

• 10 minute reassurance ultrasound

• Hear your baby’s heart beat

• Minimum of 3 black and white photos 

• $10 off future ultrasound with same pregnancy and 10% of any merchandise priced over $10.

Gender Determination with CD or DVD


(14 Weeks and Up) 

Now $60.00

• 10-15 minute 2D ultrasound session

• Hear your baby's heart beat

• Gender determination

• Minimum of 3 black and white photos

• CD or DVD of all images for email or printing 

***DVD for extra $10

• $10 off future ultrasound during this pregnancy.                                             ***If unable to determine the gender or are incorrect at determining the gender, we will be happy to offer you one free return visit.

Basic Package: 4D Ultrasound NOW with CD

  (18 Weeks and Up) 

Now $75.00

• 20 minute 2D/3D/ 4D ultrasound session

• Hear your baby's heart beat

• Gender determination upon request

• Minimum of 5 black and white photos

• CD of images for email and printing ADD extra CD for $5!

• $10 coupon for return visit during current pregnancy.

 ****Add a heart beat buddy or animal starting at only $30!***


     4D Keepsake Ultrasound 

                  (18 Weeks and Up)                  

                                                   Now only $125.00

• 25 minute 2D/ 3D/ 4D ultrasound session

• Hear and record your baby's heart beat on the CD and DVD

• Gender determination upon request

• Minimum 6 b/w photos

CD INCLUDED of images for email or printing with over 500 images

***DVD INCLUDED of entire session

• $10 off any other return visit during the current pregnancy 


My Baby's Heartbeat Animals and Ultrasound Gifts

Ultrasound Gifts and Extra....

Keepsake Stuffed Animals - $35.00
Extra CD - $5.00         

DVD $5.00
Frames and Ornaments - $15.00

Cards- $5.00

Extra Black and white prints-$3.00 each