Sono Waves Mobile Imaging               

Professional and Reliable Ultrasound Services 
including State of the Art 3D/4D Suite                                      

Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging serving Metro Atlanta

Diagnostic Mobile Imaging at your site

Vascular Ultrasound Services

Carotid, Arterial and Venous for upper and lower extremities, Renal Artery, Abdominal Vascular including Aorta and Liver. TIPPS and Renal Transplant.

Diagnostic Mobile Imaging at your site

General Ultrasound Services

Liver, Kidneys, Pancreas, Gallbladder, Spleen and Small Parts including Breast, Scrotal and Musculoskeletal. 

2D and 4D imaging

Obstetrical and Gynecological Services

Gynecological and Obstetric ultrasounds including Chromosomal abnormality testing. 

We are credentialed through the ARDMS AND NTQR.